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Five Misunderstanding Aspects When Purchasing Indoor Rental LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-07-25 15:15:00
For these customer who are not very familiar about LED screen industry, they may have misunderstandings when buying indoor rental LED display screens. The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to analyze the misunderstandings that we have met before.
1. Rental LED display screens have 100,000 hours lifespan.
The technical information issued by the LED display screen manufacturers shows that indoor rental LED display screens have 100,000 hours lifespan under ideal state. Ideal state means under constant voltage and constant current state.
However, the lifespan of indoor rental LED display screens is determined by the lowest quality components. LED display screens currently are using civilian level devices, the service life is not more than 8 years. The best way to prolong their lifespan is to maintain them regularly. In addition, the environment and using methods also have a great impact on the lifespan of LED screens.
2. Indoor rental LED display screens should comply with international standards.
The current LED screen industry standard was issued in 1995, it is already fall behind the current technology level and production level. The old international standard does not have much reference value now.
3. The software for indoor rental LED screens should be free charged.
For these LED display screen manufactures who have their own controlling software for their rental LED display screens, most of them will not provide this for you freely. They have put much efforts and R & D resources to invent their own software, it cannot be free.
4. Can the price of your indoor rental LED display screens lower?
We all want cost less money to get better quality LED screens. But, to the LED screen manufacturers, they will have to use lower quality components to produce the LED screens for you, because your low budget make them have to lower the product quality so that they can get the profit. Lower price is not the best choice, but higher cost performance is.
5. The highest quality indoor rental LED screens are the best.
This is also a misunderstanding to some LED display screen users. Actually, choose what kind of LED screens for your event, should consider according to your practical demand. What brightness you need? What pixel pitch is suitable for your event? Blandly ask for the highest quality or highest price indoor rental LED display screens will waste a lot of unnecessary money, and get back a lot of unnecessary functions of the LED screens.
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