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Small Pixel LED Display Screens and Intelligent LED Display Screen will Become the Mainstream Pub Time : 2017-08-01 15:11:00
Small pixel LED display screens era development are getting mature, also means that the intelligent era has come. Researchers said the intelligence-based social gesture will lead a new round of social application technology baptism. This baptism has performed vividly in the goods, technology and other major applications, which has presented certainly in the current LED display field. The current LED display control system, has shown their intelligence in the signal identification, remote monitoring, touch display, etc..
Currently, the pixel pitch of LED display screens can reach at P1.0 or even lower P0.7, with the packaging technology, surface treatment technology, video processor technology constantly breakthrough, 4K display has become the industry's hot point, some LED screen manufacturers have already demonstrated 8K LED display products. The realization of excellent quality, on the one hand makes small pixel LED display screens penetrate to various application areas; on the other hand, the industry began to research intelligent application, aiming to meet higher display demand. Obviously, represented by small pixel LED display screens, LED display industry is to meet the advent of intelligent LED display era!
facing the outbreak of LED display market, all the small pixel LED screen manufacturers are increasing the layout to seize the market. Up to now, the sales amount in first quarter of 2017 have been released, these major small pixel LED screen manufacturer’s sales amount and market performance all have achieved substantial growth. Many people know that the small pixel LED screens brand companies are came from various fields, make this field very complex. But this kind of complex also created a different mentality of these manufacturers and making the LED screens more popular and featured.
Apart from the current very popular small pixel LED display screens, intelligent LED display is also a new concept in recent years, it was used to distinguish with the conventional display originally. In recent years, projection, 3D, holographic laser display, AR VR and other new display ways have start a comprehensive and new application, as an important member in display field, the LED display industry of course are unwilling to fall behind, intelligent display concept came into being.
Researchers said that although intelligent displaying are seemly concerning about the "shape", but they more concerning about the "meaning". The "shape" is servicing for the "meaning". This is also the reason why a lot of the led display hardware manufacturers difficult to transform themselves to intelligent displaying. The market always prefer those differentiated products, intelligent LED display screens are differentiated products which are able to enhance the connotation of LED screens. The configuration and technical indicators of intelligent LED display screens are not very high, they just do a new design and material development according to the characteristics of LED display screens, so that they can combine the atmosphere creation and the application environment. It is this design and recycling that give full play to the potential of led screens, enhance the connotation of led display, so that it is no longer just a displaying carrier, but the participate hub of a creative project.
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