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Rental LED Display Screens Wiring Steps Pub Time : 2017-08-03 15:15:00
Many rental LED display screens electrical problems are caused by incorrect wiring. Therefore, when arranging the electrical wires, the engineer should follow the steps strictly, especially when wiring them at the first time. The followings are six steps we should follow when wiring for rental LED display screens.
1. Check the voltage of the power source.
Locate the DC positive and negative power switch, connect the 220V power cable to the power switch(after confirming that the connection is correct, connect to the AC or NL terminal) and plug in the power supply. You will find a power supply light will be on, and then use a multimeter’s DC file to measure the voltage between V+ and V- to ensure that the voltage is between 4.8V-5.1V(there is a knob next to it, you can adjust the voltage). In order to reduce the heat dissipation of the rental LED display screens and prolong their lifespan, we can adjust the voltage between 4.5V-4.8 in the case of low brightness requirement occasions. After confirming that there is no problem with the voltage, disconnect the power and continue assembling the other parts.
2. Connect the power wires.
Turn off the electricity first, connect the V+ to the red wire, V- to the black wire, then connect them to the controller and rental LED display screen. Pay attention not connect them wrongly. The LED screen panels should be connected with power wire together.
3. Connect the PDV and SDV to the LED screens.
Pay attention to check the input and output port of the PDV and SDV to avoid reversely connect them. Input port is used to connect the power(PDV), signal(SDV) TO them, and output port is used to connect them to the rental LED display screens.
4. Connect the VSP with SDV and the computer.
The VSP(video signal processor) also have input and output port. The input port is used to connect the computer, output is to the SDV. On the computer, there is the controlling software and video sources.
5. Check the wires again.
After connect all of them, check these wires again to make sure all these wires are connected correctly. If one of the wires connected incorrectly, the rental LED screens will not work.
6. Connect the 220V power, turn on the software and videos.
Normally, if these wires are all connected correctly, the PDV, VSP, SDV and the rental LED display screens will work. If they cannot work normally, recheck the wires and these equipment. Turn on the controlling software to set the LED screen’s brightness, size, videos, etc. and let all these elements work normally.
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