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Glux TVsn Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens Advantages Pub Time : 2017-08-09 15:10:00
Glux Visual Effects Tech’s TVsn series LED screen is a newest design small pixel pitch LED display screen, with 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm pixel pitch for the customer to choose. By now, this product have been applied into various events. Today, Mr. Hardy Lu, technical support director of Glux, would like to share us some advantages of Glux’s TVsn LED screen.
1. General introduction about Glux TVsn small pixel pitch LED display screen.
TVsn series small pixel LED screen has the characteristics of high resolution, high gray scale, low energy, light weight, ultra thin body, easy and fast installation, etc. This product has 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm type pixel pitch. This product have been rewarded as “Best New Rigid LED Wall Product” by rAVE during Infocomm 2016. By now, it has been applied into various kinds of indoor audio and visual events, TV studios, etc.
2. Visual effects of Glux TVsn small pixel pitch LED display screen.
Glux TVsn small pixel LED screen has uniform, high-definition and realistic displaying color, there is no sweat stains, bright lines and other abnormal display effects. The whole screen soft and will not switch when changing the displaying content, and the picture quality is very delicate, almost equal to TV’s playback. In addition, TVsn series small pixel LED display screen has not only made progress on low brightness high gray scale technology, but also maintained a consistent adherence to high-quality: the series has 4000:1 contrast, 3600Hz refresh rate and 16 bit gray scale, these figures have not only exceeded DLP and LCD screen’s refresh rate, but also a high quality symbol in similar products. Most importantly, this small pixel pitch LED display screen has perfect seamless splicing effect, makes the LED panels together like a whole LED screen.
3. Easier maintenance method of Glux TVsn small pixel pitch LED display screen.
Glux TVsn uses front maintenance method, makes the maintenance and repairing work easier and more efficient. Most LED screen manufacturer’s small pixel LED screens are still using back maintenance method.
4. Installation and structure advantages of small pixel pitch LED display screens.
Glux TVsn use FALock(fast assemble lock) to install them, which can be used to adjust the seam and flatness between the panels and makes sure the whole LED screen are flatness and seamless. In addition, at back of each panel, there is an angel adjusting device, which is used to adjust the surface angel and flatness of each panel. If the LED screen need to be installed as curved shape or other special shape, each panel can be adjusted as inner arc shape or outer arc shape, then we install all these panel together to become a special shape. Glux TVsn can be installed as flat surface, curved surface, inner arc shape, outer arc shape, S shape, round shape(1.5m smallest diameter), oval shape as well as other special shape.
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