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Factors Influence Rental LED Display Screens Working Stability Pub Time : 2017-08-10 15:10:00
The working stability of rental LED display screens is extremely important, because it will influence the user’s application experience and viewer’s visual experience. To keep and improve the working stability of rental LED screens, we should pay attention to the following aspects.
1. PCB material and design.
The PCB material and design is the most important factor which will influence the working stability of rental LED display screens.
2. Automated equipment.
During the production process of rental LED display screens, static electricity is harmful to the electronic components. Sometimes static electricity can breakdown the components directly and damage them, and sometimes leave some hidden dangers without breakdown them. The side effect is, these components will damage after a period of time. In the electronics manufacturing industry, people have think out a lot of ways to handle the artificial static, including wearing static ring, wearing a static clothing, use clean room and so on. In fact, the most effective way is to try to avoid people’s hands and skins directly contact with these electronic components, automated equipment achieved this purpose. To make sure the rental LED display screens electrical components do not influenced or damaged by static electricity, the LED screen manufacturer should use automated equipment.
3. Taking good care of the rental LED display screens during transportation and moving.
As we all know, rental LED screens will be transferred, moved, installed and disassembled frequently, so the protection measure must be done very well. During the transportation and moving period, it is better to avoid the LED screens been clicked or impacted. If the LED screens are impacted seriously, the LED chips, electrical components may be damaged. This will also influence the working stability of the LED screens.
4. Regular clean work and maintenance for the rental LED display screens.
The LED screens will generate heat when they are working, if these is heavy dirt and dust on the surface of rental LED screens, their heat dissipation ability will be influenced. Too high temperature will directly influence the working stability of LED screens. In addition, the dirt and dust will also influence the visual effects of the rental LED display screens. Therefore, regular clean work is very necessary. What’s more, the user should also check the working status of the electrical components regularly, change or repair the components immediately if there is problem with them.
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