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Glux BAtn series Transparent LED Display Screen Successfully Served the Karpe Diem Music Concert Pub Time : 2017-07-13 15:00:00
Karpe Diem, a Norwegian rap group from Oslo made up of Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid and Chirag Rashmikant Patel, held their music concert at Oslo in July. It is a great honor for Glux to provide our LED display screens and serve this great audio & visual event.
During the concert, Glux provided 400 square meters BAtn series 10mm pixel pitch transparent LED display screen. All these LED screens were installed as the main stage concert. They were installed as a square grid. The transparent design LED screens, together with the video and stage light brought us a very gorgeous stage visual effects, also provided the customer an incomparable visual experience, successfully served this concert.
Glux BAtn series LED display screen is outdoor use LED display with transparent design(50% transparency effect). It use carbon fiber material as the cabinet, make sure it has strong impact resistance ability, high weight bearing capacity(1000kg), and excellent weather resistance ability and stability. In addition, BAtn only weight 4.8kg for each panel(100cm*50cm*4.5cm), its super light weight makes it can be picked up and installed with only one person, reduce a lot of labor force cost for the users. What’s more, our LED display screen’s light weight advantage and fast assemble locks also makes it can be able to meet large size installation demand.
The followings are some pictures taken on the Karpe Diem Music Concert.
Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux led projects

Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux led projects

Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux BAtn LED display screen

Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux BAtn transparent LED screen project

Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux led BAtn transparent LED screen projects

Karpe Diem Music Concert--Glux led BAtn series projects

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