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Factors Cause Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screens Fault Pub Time : 2017-08-25 15:20:00
Nowadays, full color LED display screens have become very popular, we can see all kinds of different shapes and sizes indoor and outdoor LED display screens. LED screen is a systematic combination of optical, structural mechanics, electronics and computer science. According to statistics, about 90 percent of LED display screens have large or small fault. We have summed up the main reasons for these failures. With these analyse, we can help to avoid the fault from happening at the source and improve the quality of full color LED display screens.
The main factors that cause outdoor LED display screens failure including AC power distribution wiring harness, terminal, connector, signal and low voltage DC connection harness and connector, switching power supply module, plastic shell components, etc.. If these interfaces, cables, power supply, bottom shell are not selected appropriately, they will lead to full color LED display screens overall or partial black light, mosaic, no signal or other problems. These are also very difficult problems to maintaining. Therefore, the LED screen manufacturers should pay attention to reduce the failure rate in the production process.
Among these faults, most of them are caused by the following factors: PCBA solder joints, capacitors, terminals, LED lights, dust accumulation caused by leakage of protection level, leakage screw hardware corrosion, control board. These problems will cause the full color outdoor LED display screens with some fault, like blind light or highlighted, one or more lines not work, lack of color, etc. If the control system or software have problems, will lead to the abnormal image display. Outdoor LED display screens must design in accordance with the testing standards, with waterproof and dust-proof ability, anti-wind and high temperature resistance ability, otherwise the LED screen may have a variety of failures, and even make the whole LED display screen scrapped.
In addition, the engineer who is operating the full color LED display screens should have basic electrical knowledge, with good habits and working experience, coupled with professional maintenance personnel. This is also an important way to reduce the failure rate to a certain extent.
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