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Rental LED Display Screens Choosing and Maintenance Pub Time : 2017-08-29 15:16:00
Rental LED display screens market is popular in recent years and developed fast. To use a better LED screen, and make them can be used for longer time, there are some aspects we need to pay attention to when choosing and maintaining them.
Factors should pay attention to when choosing rental LED display screens.
1. product safety and damage resistance ability.
General, rental LED display screen mostly use hanging or standing installation ways. These two kinds of installation ways have high request to the rental LED screen’s weight(must be light weight LED screens) and safety. For some large events, the LED screens will be stacked very high with hanging installation way, so the rental LED display screens must be thin and light weight, the connection must be strong and reliable so as to avoid the installation negligence and cause potential personnel safety threat. In addition, rental LED screens often need to transport, they might be knocked because of the bumps and damage the edge of the LED screens. in order not to affect the using effect, rental LED screen should have a certain degree of damage resistance ability.
2. Fast and easy installation and disassemble.
In order to improve the installation and disassemble efficiency, and save the labor cost, most rental LED display screens will use fast assemble locks.
3. Easy controlling system.
Rental LED screens are always used for different customers, the controlling system must be easy for the user to understand and operate, other wise the LED screen rental service will need to send engineers to the event to support the users.
4. Easy for repairing and change.
When there is a problem, the rental LED display screens must be able to be disassembled quickly, and also should be able to realize partial disassemble, so as to reduce the impact and influence to the smallest.
Methods should paid attention to when maintaining rental LED display screens.
1. maintain them regularly. Regular maintenance can largely help to prolong the LED screen’s lifespan.
2. avoid dust damage the rental LED screens. If the LED screens are working in dusty environment, the dust will fallen to the surface of LED screens and even goes inside the LED screens. To much dust will influence the LED screen’s heat dissipation ability, make the electrical components temperature increased and influence their working stability. Also, the dust will absorb moisture and influence the electrical circuit.
3. control the working temperature. If the rental LED display screens keep continuous working for a long time, the high body temperature will damage the electrical components of LED screens. Therefore, it is better to let the LED screens turned off for about 2 hours when they keep working for more than 24 hours.
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