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Glux P10 P15 Indoor Rental LED Display Screen (MOtn)
Product Details:
Brand Name:Glux
Model Number:Glux MOtn
Detailed Product Description


Glux P10 P15 Indoor Rental LED Display Screen (MOtn)



Product Description :
1. Type: Indoor LED screen rental (MOtn);
2. Aerodynamic Design:wind resistant-ideal for large scale setups
3. Carbon Fiber Materials for super thin style with angled edge structure
4. Vertical Solution:Hanging hinges&vertical lining technique ideal for large backdrops
5. Optional Backplates for non-transparancy.
6. Grayscale processing&color calibration techniques ensures amazing graphic quality
7. Easy ,quick and flexible installation for fast assembly and disassembly
Pixel correction techniques, to maintain display uniformity

Major Projects We have done by using this product:
1. China CCTV Spring Festival Gala;
2. 2010 Shanghai World Exhibition;
3. The 26th Summer Universiade Opening Ceremony;
4. 2010 Singapore's 45th Aniversary Celebrations;
5. 2010 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Singapore;
6. The 11th Annual European Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony


Glux MOtn Series indoor LED display screen--carbon fiber cabinet
Glux MOtn series--LCD display with self-testing function
Glux LED MOtn series--high transparency, low wind resistance
Glux LED MOtn--90-180 degree installation
Glux MOtn series technical specification
MOtn series installation ways
MOtn series size

Main Parameters:

Parameter Type MOtn10 MOtn15
Pixel Pitch(mm) 10.4 15.6
Pixel Density (dots/m2) 9216 4096
Pixel/Panel(W*H) 96*48 64*32
Brightness Max(cd/m2) ≥1000 ≥1000
Grey Scale (bit) 14 14
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1920 3000
Frame Rate(Hz) 30~70 30~70
Contrast 2000:1 2000:1
Scan Mode 1/3 static
Color Temperature (calibrated) Std: 6500K Std: 6500K
Color Temperature (Adjustable range) 3500-9000K 3500-9000K
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle (°) H140/V140 H140/V140
Panel Size (W x H x D) (mm) 1000*500*45 1000*500*45
Weight/panel 5.0kg 5.0kg
Module quantity/cabinet
8pcs 8pcs
Module Size(W*H)(mm)
500*125 500*125
0.4 0.4
Protection IP40 IP40
Power Supply Single power supply Single power supply
Working Voltage(V) AC100-240V 50/60Hz AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption (W/sqm) 300 300
Avr Power Consumption (W/sqm) 100 100
Working Temperature | Humidity -20℃/40℃ | 10%-80% -20℃/40℃ | 10%-80%
Storage Temperature | Humidity -35℃/60℃ | 10%-85%
-35℃/60℃ | 10%-85%
Cabinet Material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Vertical Weight Capacity(Kg) FAdock/lock:1000
Application mode Fixed, Rental Fixed, Rental
Installation mode
Hanging, Standing
Hanging, Standing
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Life Time (h) 75000 75000


By using this products, we have successfully operated the following projects:


2010 Singapore Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony

             11th European Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony

2010 Singapore Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony   11th European Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony



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