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Creative Rental LED Display Screens in the Market in Recent Years(2) Pub Time : 2017-07-31 15:15:00
Creative LED display screens, as a type of newly appeared products in recent years, have attracted many people’s attention and preference. More and more LED screen rental service providers are putting more and more R & D efforts in creative rental LED display screens, so as to use this kind of new, high technology LED display product to win more customers and market share. In the last article, we have already introduced three kinds of creative LED display, that is transparent LED display screen, special-shape LED display screen and small pixel LED screens. In this article, we will continue to introduce another two creative rental LED display screens.
1. Intelligent rental LED display screens.
By combining with internet, Intelligent LED screens can realize remote publishing, controlling and monitoring work. If one of the LED panel has problem, the whole rental LED display screen control system will recognize it and analyze their status. Some intelligent rental LED display screens can even repair the easy problems automatically sometimes. By now, only few LED screen rental service providers are able to produce this kind of LED screens. With the development of technology, the intelligent LED display screen will be further upgraded. Intelligent display is not just show high-definition, smooth, dynamic images and video, but also provide more functions and services for consumers to use and experience, strengthen the interaction with consumers and personal experience.
2. Wireless rental LED display screens.
Wireless LED display screens use GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless communication networks to realize the LED screen’s remote, real-time and large-scale networking information release. They use TCP / IP network transmission protocol, the number of terminal networking is not restricted, which can be large-scale networking. Actually, by now, only a few of these top LED enterprises have researched and designed out this kind of rental LED display screens, it is still in the R & D stage, for most LED screen rental service providers, this kind of intelligent LED display screen will also be a developing trend to them.
In general, intelligent rental LED display screens are more and more popular in today’s audio & visual market. With the technology improvement in LED screen industry, there will be more and more intelligent LED display screens appear in the market.
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